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Events and Announcements

San Diego Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Brooke Leverone is passionate about educating people on hormonal balance and helping them explore how their hormones affect their health and quality of life. In addition to seeing patients in her La Jolla office, she also creates opportunities to engage her community. Dr. Leverone frequently collaborates with other health and wellness professionals on events throughout San Diego, as well as virtual events online. Check back often to stay up to date and contact us if you have any questions!  
*all times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Dr. Leverone on Instagram Live 

Chat with Dr. Leverone every Thursday at 12:15pm via Instagram!

Upcoming topics:

4/1 Allergies

4/8 Respiratory Health

4/15 Gut Health 101

4/22 GI Health: IBS/IBD/GERD

4/29 GI Health: Immunity & Microbiome

Now Offering B12 Injections

Nutrient injections deliver high dose vitamins directly at the cellular level providing the highest absorption and bioavailability.

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Now offering b12 injections

New Extended Hours!

Tuesday – Friday Office Hours Extended to 5 pm

Wow! Dr. Leverone has changed my life! She is patient, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. With her thoughtful treatment plan, my hot flashes have gone away, my brain fog has lifted, and my body is finally responding to workouts. If you are struggling with menopause symptoms, she will guide you on a natural path to regain that which has gone missing. I can not recommend her enough!