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How It Works

What to Expect From Your Hormone Balancing Experience

Patients trust Dr. Brooke Leverone because she combines personalized care and expertise in Bioidentical Replacement Therapy with a straightforward approach. She knows that dealing with hormonal changes can be stressful and even scary, so she wants to make your treatment experience completely comfortable and fully transparent. Each patient has unique needs, but here is a typical recommended treatment timeline for Bioidentical Replacement Specialist in San Diego with Dr. Leverone:

Phase 1: Reset

The reset phase is your opportunity to take control of your health.

First Step: Welcome

Meet Dr. Leverone to talk about your symptoms and review your medical history at your new patient visit. Lab testing to determine your hormone imbalances or deficiencies will be discussed and scheduled at this visit.

Summary of Findings 1: Your Initial Reset

Visit Dr. Leverone for your initial summary of findings to discuss your lab results and the next steps of your treatment plan. During this visit, you will receive your prescriptions for custom bioidentical hormone replacement. Your Reset Phase Treatment Plan will include 2 additional check-in appointments 1 month and 2 months after your initial summary of findings.

Phase 2: Renew

Three months after starting your initial Reset treatment plan, you will be ready for your next phase. Each phase will begin with new lab work, so you can see the changes in your results. The New You phase includes bi-monthly check-in appointments 2 months and 4 months after the initial New You Summary of Findings  

Summary of Findings 2: New You

You will meet with Dr. Leverone for an hour-long appointment to discuss the results of your lab work and the improvements you are experiencing as a result of your more balanced hormone levels. The work that you have put into yourself over the past few months should result in increased energy, improved menstrual symptoms, decreased menopause symptoms and much more. This is also the point at which we’ll discuss updating your treatment plan to address any continuing symptoms or anything that has not shifted in a positive direction in your lab work.

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Phase 3: Refine

Nine months after you started your initial Reset treatment, you’ll have updated lab testing in preparation for a discussion of your treatment plan with Dr. Leverone. We can’t wait to talk about how you feel now that you have devoted almost a year to reclaim your health!

Summary of Findings 3: Refining Balance

Meet with Dr. Leverone for an hour-long appointment to check in on your progress and go over your lab results. At this point, you can expect to feel rejuvenated by significant improvement in your overall well-being. Dr. Leverone will review your routine and let you know if she suggests any changes to maintain your hormone balance. If you do have any lingering symptoms, your treatment plan can be adjusted to address them. This phase includes quarterly check-in visits, with updated lab work in 6 months followed by a 30-min summary appointment to review the findings of your updated labs.

Phase 4: Maintain

Six Months after your Refine phase Summary Visit and just over a year since the beginning of your hormone balancing journey, you will have a new perspective on your body, and the tools you need to maintain your mood, energy, and health. Moving forward, Dr. Leverone typically recommends bi-annual lab work updates, with a minimal lab draw and 30-minute summary of findings appointment at the 6-month mark and a full fasting lab update and hour-long summary of findings appointment for your 12-month check-in.

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Do You Have Questions on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Contact Dr. Leverone to get answers to your questions or to schedule a consultation appointment at her San Diego office. You can also learn more about Bioidentical Replacement Therapy (BHRT), including the causes and symptoms of hormonal imbalance, the benefits of BHRT, and answers to frequently asked questions in our comprehensive overview of Bioidentical Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Leverone is the best in the Industry! She is an expert on Treating Hormonal Imbalances and is very knowledgeable on a variety of supplements and modalities to help increase overall well-being.
I appreciate Dr. Leverone’s expertise in the area of Epigenetics to facilitate and optimize my brain chemistry. I have ALWAYS felt like Dr. Leverone was making sure that my progress was happening at a healthy pace and that I had a clear understanding of what we were doing and what to expect. She is passionate about helping her patients and dedicated to going the extra mile and I feel valued and heard with her. I have spent two years with trying to find out how to get over my fatigue and depressive symptoms and Dr. Leverone works in a holistic way to heal you. I recommend her in the highest order.

How It Works

Meet Dr. Leverone for a comprehensive visit with functional lab testing and receive your prescriptions for custom BHRT.

Discuss with Dr. Leverone the improvements you are experiencing and address any continuing symptoms that have not shifted in a positive direction in your lab work.

Dr. Leverone will review your routine and suggest changes to maintain your hormone balance. You can expect to feel rejuvenated with significant improvement in your well-being.

You will have a new perspective on your body, and the tools and knowledge needed to maintain your mood, energy, and health will be second nature.